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Thread: connexion problem to my club

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    connexion problem to my club


    i have a connexion problem to my club.
    i made a club so i could have fun doing some construction without other players messing with it (named mahaso)
    i came back after a break from the game (don't remmeber how long was the break) and then when i try to enter my club i get back to the hub or i get blocked while loading
    can i get my club back?

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    Hi tonton panda

    Ye, some old clubs have that issue, try to send a support ticket here - http://bit.ly/TroveSupport and they should help you.
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    Thank you verry much waiting for an answer ^^

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    Apparently it's a technical problem and they're already working on it

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    Awesome! Glad to hear its being worked on, Thanks for playing
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