I recently made my first mod as submission to Trovesaurus' Lunar Mod Challenge.

Anyone that's interested can check it out in the following links here:



The mod itself is nothing particularly fancy. It's just a simple fishing pole mod that changes the visual aspects of the Molten Magma Sifter fishing rod to a Lunar themed fishing rod!

All work is based off of the original design used for the Molten Magma Sifter, created by Shirokiri.

Here's some screenshots showcasing the mod along with a link to a short YouTube clip!

Edit: As of 6/16/2020, I've adjusted the model somewhat and there should be some noticeable changes.


Edit: As of 6/12/2020, I've added another Lunar themed fishing rod with a completely different look! Anyone interested in checking it out can visit these links:



Here are some screenshots showcasing the newer one along with a short YouTube clip!