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Thread: do not pay Ganda's trail [summer quest line]

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    do not pay Ganda's trail [summer quest line]

    I do not have Ganda and can not help my friends to finish that quest.

    One friend reported that it is common now that people want flux to use their Ganda's poo. They can go away without leaving their ganda trail blocks ... don't trust them!

    Really really really ... a bad bad bad idea this summer quest ...

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    You don't need to pay for it but asking in hub politely, geode topside, or club chat will net you a few generous people who aren't flux hungry. I don't think its as much as a problem. I've had a few people ask me to assist and I obliged. I'm sure I'm not the minority of players who would give a hand if requested.

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    I will never ask someone to pay me flux to use my ganda , and for anyone who does that , shame on you .

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