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Thread: Top 3 fun magic classes for you?

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    Top 3 fun magic classes for you?

    Curious what everyones top 3 most fun magic classes are.

    Trying to pick a new magic class, preferably other than gunslinger and draco, to level. I find them all fun in their own unique way I suppose.

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    IS GS Drac. Playing anything else is like playing with 1/2 a character I think as balance is so broken.

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    Dracolyte is my top due to costume, speedy in Fire Gem farming, and pretty solid in current contents.
    That introduction of 10 MS Light Banner/Perma Torch Mod helps him a lot.

    My 2nd one would be Fae Trickster. She is actually underappreciated compared to over-used Shadow Hunter.
    She is basically a sniper with teleport ability and better grenade.

    3rd one is Dino Tamer, a balance between Gunslinger and Neon Ninja. Less deadly, less speedy, but longer ultimate with stun and (fragile) minions.

    I lose my love to Gunslinger bcs the purge of Shadow Tower, introduction of speed banner, and many input to keep ultimate active.

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