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Thread: I'm having issues with moving between worlds

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    Unhappy I'm having issues with moving between worlds

    Since you've brought the servers back up I can't move between worlds. I got stuck in a club I'm not part of because I had to join in on someone to get into the game. I can't get in any of my clubs one of my friends invited me to hub now I'm stuck there too. I don't know what's broken but please fix it, how am I suppose to do club adventures if I can't get into club? I'm playing on PS4 on EU server. Is anyone else having this problem

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    Hiya EverlettLuna, I've experienced this problem before on Xbox servers where i was only able to access the game by joining in on someone that was already in game. This issue lasted only for a few hours however... If you are still experiencing this problem please submit a ticket through this link ~ https://support.gamigo.com/hc/en-us explain your situation and our support team will be able to help you further regarding this matter. Thanks for playing Trove!
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