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Thread: Cornerstone Not Building Anywhere

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    Cornerstone Not Building Anywhere

    Time: 2 Am Tuesday
    Activity: After farming nitro I went to Prime world to farm gems. I tried to claim a cornerstone as it normally should be.
    Problem: The cornerstone didn't build even though the sign says "Claimed by (My IGN)". I tried relogging several times but nothing worked. I am able to build on the claimed cornerstone but what about everything that I had on it? I had a house and some plants on roof. Where did everything go? Experiencing constant rubber banding too after this happened. It's been over 12 hours now.

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    Hi AverageMagician

    Try to check cornerstone list []] maybe its on a different slot, if its not there and you are sure you didn't do anything that could cause the cornerstone to be deleted, I advise you to send a support ticket here - http://bit.ly/TroveSupport
    IGN: GhostRider28
    Discord: GhostRiders#5481


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