Shadow Towers used to be one of the causes that plagued the game with lag because of multiple players creating portals and generating multiple worlds for each ST floor,so why not use the same world generation system that is being used in Delves to make all of the Shadow Tower floors in one world?

The Floors and its objectives.

The depths could be each floor of the tower,the cave system should generate a special Shadow Tower themed delve biome where the players progress and reach the boss of that floor(Spike Walker,Weeping Prophet and etc) and of course with the old ST enemies troughout the path.
Shadow Towers objectives should be different from the delve ones,cursed skulls piles could be the objectives and they should appear troughout the floor and would summon the shadow enemies (the ones that used to appear in each floor of the ST) at the first cursed skulls pile,shadow knights (the recipe dungeon bosses) at the second pile and the Dreamer at the last pile before the floor boss.ST floors shouldn't have a timer,instead it should have the ST barriers that stop the player's progress until the cursed skull pile before it is completed,after the player kills the boss at the end of the floor a timer should appear when the portal to the next floor opens,everyone that still is inside the last floor after the countdown ends will be kicked out allowing the group to invite new people for the next floor.

New Deltaliths effects and Tower Difficulty Modes.

The Deltaliths could also be unique and would only be applied to skull piles,here are some ideas for new effects:double enemies,enemies slowly regen health,enemie's attack stop the player's passive health regen,every enemy has the random dungeon bosses buffs,enemies explode upon death dealing damage to everybody including other enemies.
Now that the tower doesn't have the boss speedrun contest that gave you the purple name (which is now in the delve contest) there is no use for hard and ultra modes,people will just spawn more of the same instance but with a different difficulty,so why not streamline that?Spike Walker and Weeping Prophet could be the Normal Mode bosses,Pinata God and Shadow Hydrakken the Hardmode bosses,Darknik Dreadnought and Daughter Of The Moon the Ultra Mode ones.

Boss Badges.

Boss badges ofcourse would get some new changes.The mastery points could be distributed to reflect the challenge accordingly and now every boss would get a badge not only Hydrakken and DD.The number of kills should decrease the harder the boss is,Spiker Walker requires the most while DOTM the least.

...As for the rewards.

I really don't know what rewards should be there,Chaos Cores?New costumes?Chaos Coin Factor for reaching the final boss?Recipes for shadow themed decorations?The return of the titan/lunar souls?Whatever it is it still should be on a weekly reset.

So,what you guys think?