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Thread: Can't join Trove

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    Can't join Trove

    Yesterday, after a long time don't playing trove (1 year) i was going to enter the game but when i tried to, a error happened. The error was "Connection timed out" i turned my internet off and then on but it still was glitched. i tried deleting the game and installing it again, it don't worked. i tried once more deleting Trove's data files (going into Configurations>Storage>Saved files) and loading the game but still didn't worked. I really don't know what to do.

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    Same with mine stuck in LS:Received user acknowlegment and then connection lost plz fix that sh*t

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    user acknowledgement is easy to bypass just join of an invite while your game is closed me on the other hand have AS:LOogin and cant do anything

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