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Thread: Banner reagents should be treated like a resource akin to talisman

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    Banner reagents should be treated like a resource akin to talisman

    Banner reagents take up a significant portion of inventory space for those delving deep. Instead of utilizing the resource tab akin to talismans, we are forced to either loot collect to save space, or fill our limited inventory slots. Unless there is a limitation where the items won't be able to be loot collected unless they are in the inventory slots, I can't see why this wasn't implemented from the beginning.

    This is but one of many hot-fixes that the community as a whole are still awaiting.

    To reiterate on others that have been discussed at length with potential solutions already on the forums (but lack any response/acknowledgement from devs or community managers):

    1) Crystalline core income compared to c4 cost is broken. C2 should provide 1-3 cores at the very least. This is to reward those who have invested into mastery and patron for high MF. C3 is so infrequent even w/ max MF that the nominal cores it provides is moot. The combined looting of C2 and C3 would provide crystalline core income to offset the massive cost.

    2) 1) High-end delves have no substantial rewards for those who fight to delve into more challenging depths that actually require substantial light. The point is there is no incentive to push for maxing c4 when there is no need for that additional light if one is farming delve floors 115-130. There is no reason to delve deeper. Unless something is changed, it would be better to just keep C3 maxed and skip C4, since we know now that gamigo has no intent to allow C4-C5 upgrade path despite the colossal investment to max C4 gear and the pitiful return on investment.

    3)Max C3 Gear looting refunds 285 cores and takes 325 cores to max (only a 40 core loss).
    Max C4 Gear looting refunds 425 cores and takes 1k cores to max (575 core loss).

    Its obvious the devs took the original/intended upgrade cost of C5 and applied it to C4 because of padding content. They provided no substantial core income to offset the increased cost. C4 likely originally cost only 500 cores judging by the core refund.

    4) momento drop-rates are still a disaster I have a thread explaining the issue - An approx. ~10% rng with no recovery mechanic in place for those with bad rng is bad game design for collecting something as numerous and unique as momentos. I refuse to farm something that requires me to reroll a given floor 30-40+ times just to secure 5 mastery from one momento when I hit bad rng. A whole mastery level would only amount to 1PR and 1MF. Not worth the 100s of hours to obtain merely a majority of the momentos.

    5) New ST mounts loot-table is not implemented. I don't see why your internal numbers haven't alerted this already. It has been pointed out multiple times on the forums and yet no fix, not even an acknowledgement. But you can be sure we will continue to see any bug/exploit that trims the content padding addressed within days of surfacing.

    I will be copying that last bullet and opening a ticket. Potentially your tech support will be more reliable than the current community managers.

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    I play on console but have questions for s1 4 weeks in to delvs.

    Sounds like end game content but has 0 reward for putting in 100s of hours? 5 mastery seems dumb to me for anyone to care about going after this late in the title. Why collect them? Top mastery has to be at this point mean 0?

    c4 gear
    everyone on console pretty much has the materials for these ready as we had 6 months to collect the materials now... Are they require for purple name? or the numbers now so outrageous now having max means so little compared to close to max

    Fun? It has taken so long to hit console from the first time we seen it Im sick of delvs before it even hits console. I may just play one day and quit Trove as I dont see any point in finishing delvs on console anymore.....

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    This is my take on the current content. Momentos are aweful to try to hunt down, if you aren't focusing on them and passively grinding content without care then no worries. Delves is fun. I enjoy the change of pace from 5* grinding. But there are a number of huge flaws. Below are just a few I am mentioning:

    1. Delve keys can't be farmed in geode topside which is where the majority of players are farming content outside of delves. To get more keys you need to visit u9 worlds which seems odd. While it isn't a problem for endgame players who have 2-5k delve keys, mid-game players will find themselves constantly bouncing down difficulty to farm keys. I guess they likely still need the gem dust to max their gems so maybe it isn't that big of a deal. Apparently it was a 'bug/unintended' for people to get eclipse key fragments in geode topside. Sure took them years to 'fix' that 'bug' if that was the case.

    2a. Obtaining c4 gear doesn't help achieve anything other than purple name. There is no point in 'delving deeper' there are no substantial rewards for the huge cost. Best to see the link I posted above as I don't want to rehash something I've discussed in depth already. So get purple name by getting one set of c4 maxed then call it. At least c3 was a big enough light boost and 2nd stat boost to warrant investment, it also is only a 40 core loss when you eventually refund. You don't even need c4 to reach 35k PR for a character, which is great for those who want that new sigil. I myself got two sets of c4 gear maxed, DL for minions and GS for bosses. Haven't gotten a 2nd perm torch yet but its easy enough to swap torch.

    2b. C4 is only worth collecting to eventually melt to afford C5. Due to the awful refund (only 425 cores for 1k investment - ie a 575 core loss), it would be terrible to invest in for alt classes. This means that delves isn't even worth farming once you get 1-2 sets of c4 gear unless a significant rework is put in place. We know that gamigo is not going to let us upgrade to c5 given that they didn't let us upgrade any other crystal gear tier. Delves doesn't have enough rewards within it to last. It was a quick breath of fresh air for 2 weeks then it was done.

    3. ST mounts are broken. I won't farm delves seriously until this is fixed as It would just be a waste of time.

    4. The heavy pressurized chests are junk to endgame players outside of the first week of content, I have 4k unopened because there isn't a point in cluttering my inventory up with the contents.

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