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Thread: New players- mid game get screwed over almost every update

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    Quote Originally Posted by FlimFlammed View Post
    Everything they do affects something as how can you add anything and keep all the above unaffected.
    The game is crap now and if any of us had to start over today we would not.
    Getting emp gems seem really difficult now than before 100%, you'll be doing alot of lesser grinding before being able to even think about delves. Only way being leaderboard until their class is the weekly

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    Quote Originally Posted by ExolonKnight View Post
    Well the way your servers are no one can actually tell the difference between a DDos attack and Lag.
    As the lag is so prevalent for past 3+ years no one notices because Trove acts like normal like a Whale
    Swimming through the Sahara desert i.e. bloody slow as F..... lag is 24/7 so I for one can't tell the difference ... even Runescape servers make Trove ones look like true, true Potatoes..)

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    f2p players can leave the game with 0 effect but 1 p2w leaves you notice.
    f2p player are only in the game to assist the p2w people play as its a team game.

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