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Thread: Delve rewards

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    Smile Delve rewards

    Hi, i think that delve's rewards should be reworked:
    higher depth= higher rewards, i mean, more item dropped from vault and increased chance for c4 drop
    minibosses in delves, delves are useless if you already have all c4s you need and the badges (there are mementos but ew..). Basically you make no flux in delves maybe some stellars but reward in flux is very low so i suggest adding some minibosses like old shadow towers or you can increase the drop rate of items dropped by normal enemies because farming delve is pointless if you have everything, people would just farm u10 over and over

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    Hey there TheCarrelloMine, Thank you for your feedback!
    GT: WillowFiower | IGN: WillowFlower | Discord: Willow#7095 | https://support.gamigo.com/hc/en-us

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