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Thread: Delves floor start is bugged.

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    Delves floor start is bugged.

    Hey, i'm 31.9kpr , 6k light, 485 MR, and my private delve floors are starting at level 71. Anyone else I ask, and see, start at 110+ with 3k light, and 30k pr.

    Yes, i'm opening the portal on my 31.9k pr class, this is a solo private delve.

    Can you please explain what's going on?

    Update: my 27k Knight, with 3k light, starts at 111. So why is my Pirate, which is much higher, starting at 71?

    Update 2: Seems my Dracolyte, and Icesage now have the same issues, their floor is getting locked to a specific level when i upgrade the class n such. At this point, considering quitting the game. Trove has no endgame if you can't even reach it due to bugs.

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    I Have the same problem. 16kpr and I always fall on the lvl 8. Whatever my class, every time in the depth 8

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