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Thread: Poll and small-talk: what is your favorite class?

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    Post Poll and small-talk: what is your favorite class?

    The title says it all! I'm curious about how everyone else plays, and I'm considering trying the game on an alternate account to get the "new player experience" now that Delves are out, so partially to see what classes are more or less popular to pick from, and partially just for the fun of it...

    Strawpoll link: what is your favorite class? And why?

    My personal favorite is the Revenant. I've never been too fond of Magic Damage classes, though I've enjoyed Pirate Captain in the past, and am finding a quick appreciation for Ice Sage now that I'm putting effort into that class, but Revenant was, along with Lunar Lancer, my favorite since even before Mantle of Power, especially Revenant who had such a tanky, "wade in and hit," "juggernaut" playstyle beyond any of the other PD classes at the time. For a long time, I couldn't play him for obvious reasons, as he was horribly weak after Mantle of Power dropped, but with the Revenant rework, I started maining him again, and the rework brought back everything I loved about Revenant but amped it up even further, turning him into what I personally feel is one of the three best PD classes, next to Neon Ninja and Vanguardian, both of which are good but have an ultra-fast hit-and-run glass-jaw playstyle I really don't enjoy.

    So, what's your personal favorite?
    Here's some mods of mine from the past and the present I'd really appreciate feedback on!

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    I really like farming with candy barbarian
    I like the way he moves and his spin. With max light and pr he is a beast in u10 and pretty quick. I like to run rapt berserker, pd eye emblem, trail emblem, pyro, vamp and the mf vial. I pot between dungeons to keep my berserker movement speed going. Dino tamer is also a fun class to use. For a new account though I'd go revenant always and get my knights pr up for the mount movement speed. But ya my favorite farmer is candy barbarian

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    I like Dracolyte since his rework, and thanks to the recent MS Banner/Torch mod, and tons of new Light source, he is basically a beast in farming Topside by just running Trailblazing and Chronomantic Emblem. Though I enjoy more on running on lava, spamming minion on Delves and Leviathan.

    His abilities pretty much speak of himself. But mostly it is about his costume made by my club President, Yaoxi.

    Using this class is also as a symbol for my first Chinese/good club I met since I comeback from Luminopolis.
    My major complain would be that ultimate only gives 10 MS boost

    The other class that would tie to my Dracolyte would be Fae Trickster and Neon Ninja.

    Fae Trickster is an underappreciated class which basically superior than overused Shadow Hunter, in many aspects:
    - Traveling? Blink + shoot without MS delay
    - Splash? Spam 450% MD Glitter Bomb
    - Sniping? Quality shot makes taking down a World Boss before they summon annoying mobs much easier, despite lack of Arcane Emblem.
    - Ultimate? Actually useful for clearing an area. Not to mention that Topside mobs tend to drop better loots.
    The only thing that Fae lost to SH is the chest opening speed if Explosive Epilogue didn't splash on chest.

    Neon Ninja is basically just a formula one, that has low "HP" stat in many racing games I ever played. In Trove, his Stasis Blade and basic attack is weaker. Despite the Class Gem Shuriken can pack a lot of dmg, I hate using it due to the known "Stealth mode stuck" bug. I mainly use Stasis Blade as dmg and only use freshly charged Shurikens. That's why Fae still on my higher list to farm Topside bcs the splash dmg makes farming mobs and 1HKO easier.

    If ask me put in list my top favourite class will be:
    Dracolyte > Fae Trickster > Neon Ninja, despite I used Neon Ninja quite a lot

    My old list used to be Gunslinger > Dracolyte > Neon Ninja, until I discover the potential of Fae Trickster and Delves test server. That knockback and lack of actual place to use makes me lost my love on GS.

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    Candy Barbarian has always been my go to main. They are just ridiculous later on, and the 2 swords is just visually cool. Plus, candies.

    My next favs are Ice Sage, Tomb Raiser, and Chloro. While I like the slice n dice of the CB, I also like caster classes. IS can freeze everything, nuke them, all while inside a frosty glowy bubble. TR has a pet swarm, and has really improved with its re-work. I wanted to love the TR, then dropped it a couple of years ago. Now I really enjoy it again. Chloro is easy sauce if you plant a garden and have extra jumps, staying above the carnage. Also, Chloro can heal people, so there is utility that most people ignore.

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    Boomeranger simply because I enjoy the versatility of the class.

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    Boomer for life, I do a majority of my farming with him on contest weeks I don't want to participate in. I really wish the devs would do a dmg balancing pass like was promised 2 years ago. 1 class a year isn't bad I guess.... Draco and VG both are growing on me, esp speed running delves on draco.

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    My favorite class is the Fae Trickster because the 1HKO on most dungeon bosses Excluding topside though. Also I use this class for speedfarming. Also evading with this is easy if having high MS, and this is basically a MD and ranged Neon Ninja. I also like the old Class gem because of spamming it to stun lock mobs and also shoot at mobs at the same time, also used to kill cursed skull mobs faster without to have to aim at them and with mobs when traveling at high speeds if you passed them.

    Neon Ninja is also my favorite because of his MS potential and stealth, also high damage AOE shurikens.
    I also used him to solo ST dungeons and arenas because his stealth gives him more survivability if moving out of harms way and dodge attacks and hit mobs from behind and keep throwing Shurikens at them. I also use him for dragon hunting due to his MS potential.

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