Time: Monday, May 18th, at 1:30 PM ET
Context: I went into a shadow tower and rubber band when i attack enemies.
Expected: I expected no teleport accross the room constantly while standing still and my shots should be registering but they aren't.
Observed: I rubber band across the room and my shots don't register.
Repro Steps:
1. Go to shadow tower room
2. Attack enemies in a shadow tower
3. Watch as character will rubber band every now and then and have multiple shots not register.

Added Observations:
The server tick rate seems to be neglected or there is too much server strain from servers needing maintenance.
The issue can happen in open adventure worlds too where shots won't register and rubber banding when in a dungeon or running through the world. I experienced this for the past week when doing five star dungeons and farming moonlight bulbs.
New crashing issue when moving around a cornerstone or in the middle of a bomber royale match, the game will quit out and give the message of lost connection.

Possible solution: Devote more resources to making console servers run better as PC felt smooth and less lag. There's been a neglect for server quality for a while now and it's making more players quit as the game becomes more and more unplayable through the lag.

Note: Issues are not related to coronavirus and having more players online as the game has continued to have these problems pop up at different times after updates.
The internet connection of people reporting these issues have a wide range from 50/50 Mbps to fiber optic internet.(So clearly not the player's issues)
Xbox live has run into a lot of issues the past few months and could contribute occasionally to issues but other games are running like normal when trove has issues so an xbox live issue can be ruled out as well.