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Thread: Infinite class levels concept. Please read!

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    Infinite class levels concept. Please read!

    Personally, I always love seeing an exp bar fill up and leveling classes. However you can max classes relatively quickly. I wish there was an infinite level cap and it scales exponentially the higher you go. Now the first thing people are thinking is, bruh I really don't want to level (this class). I don't enjoy playing it, but I have to for mastery. However this is not a problem if the reward for leveling the reward is like leveling past 500 mastery. I think you should get +1 pr and +2-3 magic find per level on that class specifically past 30. NO mastery points for leveling past 30 means, you don't have to play classes you don't enjoy instead you are rewarded by continuing to play the ones you do like. I feel like this could be a fun way to bring back leveling for later game players and people that like to main one character. Not sure how hard this is to implement but, I think it could be a fun way to advance leveling classes in the game and make exp day more useful. Thanks for reading, please comment possible downsides or additional concepts .


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    Hello there lazers, Thank you so much for your feedback and ideas, very much appreciated! >.<
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    I wouldn't mind something like infinite class levels, but changed up more.

    Remove individual class levels, add in an account wide class level, "Class Mastery" or something along the lines of that. It would pretty much be similar to class levels right now, gain stats and mastery per level, but go well beyond 30. The infinite level idea could be incorporated in. After a certain level you stop gaining stats/mastery and start gaining minor rewards like PR or Magic Find, or greatly reduced stat gains. Gem level restrictions would need to be changed up along with some other things like costume/helm unlocks at different levels.

    I personally would like to see gems changed up as well.

    Currently, gems give us too much of our power, basically all of it making base gear not really matter much. You could do just fine with Stellar or even Shadow. At one point gems will allow you dish out huge amounts of damage due to the current meta requiring stacking crit, crit damage and base damage. With the crystal gear added in, base gear had a new use, Light. Still, level 2 crystal worked just fine, 3 and now 4 are not really needed.

    What I propose, remove basic gems, and have only empowered gems and make them instead give a multiplier to your equipped gear's stats. Each element could effect different pieces of gear. Fire, weapon, Air, hat, Water, face, and Cosmic could effect rings and light, or minor boost to everything plus light.

    It would require a lot of reworking of the current gem system. Class gems could be changed, or removed and reworked into a new class skill tree system that would allow even more skill options or bonus passives/perks for the class. Class keys be removed/changed into shaper's stars and stars would be used to unlock things in the class skill tree. Shores of the Everdark would get some more love for sure.

    Ideas, ideas, ideas....

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    Having a prestiging system or some way to keep gaining levels just sounds enjoyable imo, rewarding vanity or prestigious rewards being something to do with the class like a costume/aura just for that class or rewarding people who make it to X prestige they'll earn a colored name, not a different color for each class but just getting 1 class and maybe 1 more for getting 5-10 more classes to a high prestige.

    Make something that endgamers can aim for an hold to a high regard that isnt just pr base or c4 base, the game could use another prestigious color beside purple for people to work too. Also being able to see what prestige/level someone class is would either near their sigil/name or leaderboard would be a must I would assume.

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    Reading through this, my brain just keeps screaming "oh boy, let's have another 100 Mastery/Obsidian badge for doing something obscenely grind-y, I'm thinking... getting every class to level 100!" With how obscene Mementos are going to wind up being to max out, I wouldn't be surprised...
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    Quote Originally Posted by CaptainCraftIt View Post
    Reading through this, my brain just keeps screaming "oh boy, let's have another 100 Mastery/Obsidian badge for doing something obscenely grind-y, I'm thinking... getting every class to level 100!" With how obscene Mementos are going to wind up being to max out, I wouldn't be surprised...
    Good thing mastery is capped an we are probably 4-6 months out til another update so there is no reason to grind for pointless mastery an no reason to rush an update for unrewarding mastery

    If it's just for vanity rewards an no mastery only a few people will grind it which means itll be prestigious an rewarding itself bcuz its "rare" an only a few people will have it at first making it more appealing to go for knowing only a few people will have it/worked for it.

    I still grind u9 Uber's bcuz topside to me is boring but I still enjoy the simplicity of laying back an enjoying an easy grind. Why not reward people who still do dungeons for no real reason than bcuz they enjoy it.

    Let's add more to do than standing around asking for an update we didnt really want but are going to do it anyways bcuz mastery or bcuz new BiS that has no value. Even though grinding out st badge was boring it gave those who did everything else something to finish an wrap up.

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    The skill tee concept is a very good idea, it will give a achance for players to not have a set locked skills in a class; making unique styles of game play and builds for each player while unlocking skills trew effort.

    I also think the infinite level is good as a general concept rather then have players forced to play each seperated class for mastery or stats

    i feel it wierd that my knight does not progress in xp when i do delve or other activities because it max and well i like to use knight; oir that the xp i gain just goaees in black rather then redirected to another class.

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    well if seen lots of people hurry in mastery just to get the pheonix witch looks cool and inspires me to grind to use the mount only; the more level give more options for player to recieve mastery rather then just said focus activity like getting mounts and pets. also i think to reduce the grind as u stated level should be shared with all character as a whole to not focus and 16 and probably more to come difrent classes at a same time.

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    Class Mastery huh? Sounds like current Weekly Class Contest for me...
    If leveling beyond 30 starts to give stat... you have to dig out the current Gem system before continuing it.
    It will be either 10m HP Candy Barbarian or max DPS Class. Nothing else.

    If it is just a pure number that only "visible" via Leaderboard, screenshot sharing, by words, I dunno how many Trovians will spend time to do it.
    Magic Find and PR bonus? I take it as a bonus for using my NN, Fae and Draco to farm anywhere, instead of the 50% Magic Find buff which can be tuned down to 35% - 40% due to new source of MF.

    And infinite class level concept without a cap? Sounds like someone will reach 90 000 Magic Find for me, especially when an exploit happened. So that's a no no for me.
    An interesting idea but not a solid idea. I will pass.

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