Time: All time.
Context: Happens in the delves when i'm on my tomb raiser, walking into the boss room.
Game Details: -
Character Details: Level 21 Tomb Raiser.
Expected: Get XP when walking into the boss room.
Observed: No XP gain when doing a lower level delve.
Repro Steps:
1. Select a low PR class and enter a private delve
2. Change class to Tomb Raiser thats fairly high PR, and not level 30 (Mine is 17k at lvl 21)
3. Complete the delve objective and go to the boss room
4. No xp from going into the boss room like its meant to

If i do the correct delve depth for my tomb raiser at 82, I get almost no XP because of the anti-leeching system where you get less xp the lower lvl you are in a higher PR area. So to combat the minimal XP gain i tried to go into a lower level delve but low and behold i actually do not get a single bit of xp for completing it. None. Meanwhile my friend is getting upwards of 500k per delve.