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Thread: Sweet Sixteen Pack Didn't Give me my 16 Credit Pouches

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    Sweet Sixteen Pack Didn't Give me my 16 Credit Pouches

    So I bought the Sweet Sixteen Pack on PS4 for the 16 credit pouches at around 11PM CST on Thursday May 14th. I thought maybe the process was taking a while to regester so i gave it a couple hours. When i came back at about 6PM CST Thursday May 14th i still had no credit pouches to claim. I would like either my credit pouches on my account or a full refund of the packs cost. My PS4 account is juggalodaddy5673. Yes i did have all 16 classes before i bought the Sweet Sixteen Pack. In simple terms: i bought the sweet sixteen pack for the credit pouches and ended up never getting them even after changing worlds and giving the game a little time.

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    Hi juggalodaddy5673

    If you still didn't recive thoes credit pouches, please send a support ticket here - http://bit.ly/TroveSupport and they should help you.
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