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Thread: Some observations on tomes

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    Some observations on tomes

    This is my perspective as a daily player having joined Trove in early 2018. I hope this information makes it to the Gamigo/Trove team and they don't just shrug it off as another player complaining. It's OK to listen to the players!! :-)

    1- Replace the clover tome with a Glittering Horseshoe tome or just add a horseshoe tome and leave the clover one as a legacy item.
    2- The rewards for non-legendary tomes really need to be boosted. The glim, flux, robo salvage, etc tome are nice for mastery but the amount you get for filling a tome is pretty lackluster.
    3- Why is there no Nitro tome? This is a basic resource, just like shapestone, formicite, & infinium. We have non-legendary tomes for those ores, we need a non-legendary nitro tome.
    4- This is a big ask but how about a Golden Watering Can tome? I would expect that to be legendary and produce maybe 5 per week? The price of golden cans in the market is about the same as mastery pinatas and the mastery pin tome grants 5 pins per week.
    5- Empowered Gem Box tome. I don't have this one because is super expensive and the reward is junky. If the tome granted 5 Stellar gems that might be worth it, maybe. At this point I don't need empowered gems, but it would have been nice earlier in the game.

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    Hiya Super,

    Thanks very much for the feedback. I too agree some tomes could use a good looking at, like the geode resources ones. I have passed the feedback onto the team.

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