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Thread: Account Wiped

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    Angry Account Wiped

    Time. sometime around 4~5 months ago i cant remember
    Context. around 7 months or so ago i got on my account was fine everything was normal after that i got back on 2~3 months later and when i started the game it wanted me to put in a new name. i did and my account was wiped all my characters were reset to level 1 and i lost all my items/everything i collected. i been sending tickets in but they couldn't help so i came here. i noticed i was still in my club and im still the leader of it but its acting like im on 2 differnt characters at the same time ill post a screenshot of it my main is MxshadowxM the new name i put around 4~5 months ago is AxshadowxA. for the past 4+ months i been trying to get this fixed as you can see in the ticket screenshot. i got 200+ hours in this game and coming back and all my stuff is gone has me a little frustrated so i hope this can get fixed.
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