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Thread: Why was this not added?

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    Why was this not added?

    In most mmorpg like games there has been an area you could go and beat the hell out of targets to test your dps / rotations. I was kinda sad they haven't added that in your corner stone or club. i think if it was in the hub it would be too hard to see the damage output with everyone beating on the same one lol.

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    With the Darkness stat, I think it would be harder because one have to setup multiple targets with different Darkness value to test the effect of Light.
    I also suspecting if mobs from higher Ubers have naturally high damage reduction, or just pure HP increasement.

    Regardless, training targets serve an important purpose to calculate DPS, such as does the math value from Shadow Hunter with Class Gem, Shadow Hunter without Class Gem, and Fae Trickster with boosted Passive on paper, same as what is seen on targets as well.

    I am also expecting a clustered target where there are 5 dummies in close proximity. This will allow players to understand, for example Pirate Captain M2, First Mate don't splash.

    I dun think DPS calculator tool is needed bcs we have Mod already. In the meantime I would suggest using Piffel and Whiteflash Coefficient Calculator.

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