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Thread: How translate Trove in a new language?

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    How translate Trove in a new language?

    hello, I would like to contact one of the staff to ask how to translate the game into a new language. What should I do, what is needed, etc.

    I know I can translate the game through the Trovesaurus website, but at that point it becomes a mod, but if I wanted to integrate it into the game as with the other languages (Deutsch, Francais, Portugues, Russian, Spanish, there is also the language magyar), my question becomes, what should be done?

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    Hello. To begin with, I think you should learn how to correctly say some popular phrases or idioms in other languages. Of course, you may need the help of following article if you want to translate everything manually yourself. Such articles will help you understand how the simplest sentences are constructed and help you with grammar.

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