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Thread: Add A Ganda Switch {Suggestion}

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    Add A Ganda Switch {Suggestion}

    It would be nice to have a way to runf off Ganda's block generation manually. Adding an option to set a button to turn off/on will help a ton with several dungeons that make it a pain to navigate through if you have a ganda equipped!

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    This honestly should have been a part of the mount already. Part of the reason I avoid using Ganda like the plague (other than having the worst flux to mastery ratio and being a complete gimmick in my honest opinion), is how terribly inefficient the mount is for running dungeons. Not everyone likes using Neon Ninja to farm dungeons, myself included. So instead I use the knight subclass to get around faster. But some dungeons just don't mix well with a mount like Ganda, and those who DO love using the darn bird are going to find it inconvenient when they suddenly need to dismount just to get through some kind of entrance or need to go down a flight of stairs.

    Having infinite jumps is it's own curse I suppose.
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    This tbh, having to either walk slow or switch classes to go down a levi or during dungeons that have you go down at all is somewhat annoying an almost makes me not want to use ganda. Just slows the flow of grinding.

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