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Thread: Inert Geode Expanders - Consumed - Didn't apply to limit

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    Inert Geode Expanders - Consumed - Didn't apply to limit

    I bought the inert geode wallet expander from the credit shop, used the item.
    I bought the inert geode wallet expander from Rokatan, used the item.

    My inert geode limit is only 800.

    I verified the inert geode wallet expander is not in my bag or bank and I did in fact use both of them.

    I cannot re-buy the expander from the credit shop or Rokatan.

    I attemped to swap worlds and log in and out. My limit on the tooltip is 800. When I hit 800 I cannot collect anymore inert geodes.
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    Everone starts with a cap of 600 inert geodes and each expander used should increase the limit by 200.

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    Wallet upgrade did not work

    Two weeks ago I got back into trove.The delves update was kinda interesting to me so I jumped into the public que not knowing what to do.I collected enough inert geodes and purchaced the wallet upgrade from Rokatan.When I grinded the delves a bit more I realised that I could hold 600 geodes and I thought that was normal and that I needed the obsidian delvers coin to purchace the 625 inert geode mount.Today I realised that my friend was able to buy it with only the first geode wallet upgrade and that he could hold 800 inert geodes and I can only hold 600 and we have the same wallet upgrades.This is quite annoying because I cannot buy the mount or wings with my current limit.But im more afraid that the same thing is going to happen when I exchange my Obsidian Delvers Coin(which i have not gotten as of yet).Please help.

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    Hi, thanks for the report,
    the bug report has been passed onto the team,
    in the mean time, you should send a ticket to the support team so they can help resolve the issue for your account.

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