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Thread: Dragons and Challenges | Idea #2

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    Lightbulb Dragons and Challenges | Idea #2

    Hi everyone,

    I am here with my second idea and I have a lot of them. I am going to post a new idea every second day just becouse i want to share them all, with you trovians. I have to many ideas so I have share them in order to not forget them.

    Today I want to talk about my mega idea about reworking dragon and hourly challenges. In my opinion it doesn’t make sense that we get dragoon coins from challenges so I thought why not to make dragoon coin drop from dragons, but make it more exciting.

    So now we would find dragons all over the trove world, in any uber. They would hide in the deep caves, in the huge mountains or even in the open field. We would obviously have to look for the these dragon structures. Right now there are only three dragon types that we can find: water pirate and chocolate. Now there would be much more different unique dragons in every biome. The cyborg dragon, the fae dragon, the skeleton dragon, the lava dragon and so on.

    To summon the dragon we would have to activate the dragon shrine and wait till he flys to the area, for example if we summon him in the open field he would come from the sky. If we summon him in the cave he would open the teleport and go through it, if we summon him in the neon city he would be build by robots. Here we can use our creativity and imagine how it could be with other dragons.

    In order to fight a dragon we would require a team, it’s a dragoon! Dragons would be much more powerful than they are now. They would be something like leviathans in geode but easier. In my opinion there is not enough group content in the game and everything is soloable.

    All dragon would have the same skills and spells except one, the unique spell that can have only one dragon. For example the chocolate dragon would fire at players with chocolate fire and slow their movement and attack speed, pirate dragon would spawn a lot of cannons and big cannons.
    The normal skills for every dragon would be like hitting with tail, bite, cast some magic spells, call for help and little dragons will fly out and attack ranged players. Use your imagination and create own spells and share them, trovians.

    The reward for defeating one of these would be dragon coins, dragon caches, gear and dragon fragments. In my opinion it takes too long for new player to get all dragons and they can’t farm these dragon coins with ease, becouse of hourly challenges, with this system it will not be time gated. (Btw u need 15k dragon coins for all dragons, if u do 2 challenges per day it will take u more than two years to get all dragons).

    Now arrives a group of trovians to the hub that sell a lot of interesting things. They are the challengers. This group consists of three little groups: the boss killers, the raiders and the athletes.
    Each of them has a merchant that sells different stuff. Sportsmans sell for example steroids as a food so u will be stronger, the raiders sell unique bomb and unique mounts (I will talk about them in another post). Everyone can sell mounts, allys, costumes and decoration items.

    This group of people has arrived and gives the trovians the challenges that we have right now.

    The collection, race and flying challenges would go to athletes and those challenges would give unique reward that could be used only at athletes shop.

    The Raiders would give trovians a challenge to raid a biome like we have now, but with unique reward that can only be spent by raiders shop.

    The boss killers give trovians opportunity to kill rampage bosses and for killing them a reward that can only be spent by boss killers shop.

    This is my idea for this day, hope at least someone read it. I think interesting, cool. Would also add some npcs to the hub area, it’s kinda empty.
    Hope u stay safe, goodluck

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    Hello there, These are some interesting ideas! Thank you so much for your feedback
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