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Thread: Weird movement

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    Weird movement

    Time: always

    Context: ps4 slim. Everywhere in the trove and geode world. Everywhere.

    Expected: if I push my gamepad stick straight forward, I expect a straight forward movement or a little bit in right or left depends on where I push the stick. I expect it to be smooth.

    Observed: if I push my gamepad stick straight forward it will shake my character in right and left, very fast but small movements. Happens in any direction. Especially straight forward, backwards, left or right. Sometimes if I am on the mount it will not go straight forward even though I’m pushing the stick forward.

    Repro Steps: just try to go straight forward.

    Extras: i don’t know if that’s a bug or just my gamepad is broken.

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    Cool Solution

    Quit ps4 and play pc

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    Wow, thank you but no. I don’t want to play with bots and cheaters. And my pc is to bad for trove lol

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    Hey TheKing_ofMainKingdom,
    Next time you are playing Trove on PS4, could you please maybe ask around in the club/global chats to see if this issue is also experienced by others.
    It sounds like it is a problem with your own controller, but just to be sure, if it is a problem experienced by others as well please do let me know and i'll pass the information onto the team.
    Thank you.

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    Hiya, I've had similar problems with Trove on Xbox and it was a result of the controller not working properly. If you have another controller try that one out and see if you are still experiencing this problem.
    GT: WillowFiower | IGN: WillowFlower | Discord: Willow#7095 | https://support.gamigo.com/hc/en-us

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