Time: it’s random, but today at 2:50 night.

Context: Slim ps4. I was in geode hub, later geode topside u10 more later trove hub.

Expected: first I wanted to teleport to any of my club worlds, after 5 times restarting the game i tried to teleport to the trove hub.

Observed: I went into the loading screen phase and saw nothing in the bottom left corner (like loading world etc.). I had to restart the game.

Repro steps: just try to teleport somewhere, maybe it will happen, maybe not. Mystery

Extras: it doesn’t happen only in geode hub or u10, it happens everywhere. Especially it happens more often when I try to teleport to club worlds, especially mine, TheMainKingdom. If I wait in this endless loading screen long enough like 3 min or so I will teleport back to where I started the teleportation.

I am always patient, but this kinda triggers me hardcorly. Literally restarted the game 10+ times.