Additional Updates
  • Slash command throttle should no longer get stuck.
  • The Shadow Tower Resetter now has a 45 second cooldown on use. This is still much faster than opening a new world.
  • The Puck ally has found his fins.
  • Depth Charges & Deve Tracker's Potions can now be traded (D-4 and advanced tracker potions still cannot be traded)
  • The limited-stock purchase for "Ornate Pressure Locked Caches" from "Rescued Boulder Merchant" now gives 3 caches for 1200 inert geodes (up from 1 cache). Still limited to 2 purchases
  • The purchase for "Pressure Locked Delver's Caches" from "Rescued Pebble Trader' now gives 50 caches for 1000 Freerange Electrolytic Crystals (up from 10 for 1200).