Additional Updates
  • The Dino Tamer's Ultimate and Revenant's Spirit Spears will now be removed when switching between Adventure and Discovery mode.
  • A few new items have been added to the Pressure Locked Delver's Cache.
  • More powerful than a depth-charge, D4 Bombs are now available via unlockable recipe on the delve workbench.
  • Fixed a bug which prevented the rare banners from the Pressure Locked Delver's Cache from being deconstructed for their decorative versions.
  • Delve Merchants:
    • A new Geodian Merchant has been added which can appear after the Delve boss has been slain. This Merchant will accept Freerange Electrolytic Crystals in exchange for various Standards and Pressure-Locked caches
    • The Inert Geode merchant has added new limited stock items to his wares, including a Pressure Locked Ornate Cache, which contains only the rare loot from the Pressure Locked Delver's Cache.
    • This Ornate Cache is also rewarded for completing three of the Delve badges (Complete 50 Public Delve Tiers, 75 Private Delve Tiers, & 100 Challenge Delve Tiers).
    • Names for deco recipes on the post-boss merchant have been adjusted so that it's easier to read.