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Thread: Rally of Heroes is Unfunctional

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    Rally of Heroes is Unfunctional

    Time: Anytime.
    Context: First of all, I cannot move my Rally of Heroes in my club world. It was possible the first time, but it's no longer possible. When I try to do so, it says I cannot move it due to there being heroes active. Problem is, there are no heroes active nor sleeping. There are also no Rally Points available on the Rally of Heroes, so I cannot summon a Hero to attempt to fix this bug.
    Game Details: Club name: Nivl
    Character Details: My character is level 30, being a Candy Barbarian. It does not matter though, due to this bug happening with all classes.
    Expected: I expected to be able to deconstruct the Rally of Heroes and move it somewhere else.
    Observed: I am unable to move the Rally of Heroes, despite there not being any heroes.
    Repro Steps:
    1. Go to the club world.
    2. Move the Rally of Heroes once.
    3. Try to move it again.

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    Same here. I can't move it too nor use it.
    Lvl 30 Revenant
    Club: Neo Polacy

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