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Thread: The elephant in the room

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kibayuki View Post
    Hi Zembox,

    May I ask the following just so we have a bit more information in this regard going forward:

    What were you doing at the time of these lag situations? (connecting to hubs, clubs, worlds, bomber royale, geode caves etc)
    Sure! Here is a NON-EDITED video of just a regular day of building. This was an empty club, I was the only person there, and I'm playing on ps4. I reduced the drawdistance from the 150 default to 50 just so that the lag and rubberbanding would be more bearable but I feel this video is representation for all.


    Notice that I teleport all over the place? This is frustrating for both builders and grinders alike, especially with cramped dungeons.

    Now, imagine how long it too me to build this while combating trove lag xDD


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    seriously such a big/old community and many players please investigate do something dont be lazy fix your server. its like a smelly taxi that no1 wants to ride :< i apologize for the example

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    Ok, I have been a longtime player of Trove. My observations on the lag is that it started getting real bad when we started having people stay at home for the Covid-19 crisis. Prior to that, there was lag, I wont deny it, but it was not this HORRIBLE lag and rubber banding that we have been experiencing for the last several weeks. My theory is that the trove code does not scale up well to the increased numbers of players that are now playing Trove due to stay at home. I have myself been working from home and thus able to hop on for the top of the hour challenges that I would not be able to do if I was actually at work. Another observation is the increase in the number of new and returning players that I see chatting in Global chat.

    That's my opinion. yours may vary.

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