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Thread: Knight subclass

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    Knight subclass

    I know that many people consider the knight's subclass as one of the best (if not the best) subclass in the game. However, is it possible for the knight to use its own subclass?

    Subclasses, from what I understand, were meant to mix and match other classes. For example, using the LL's subclass can give somehow give you the LL's passive. However, the knight's subclass is way different from what the class actually does. The 6 additional flask charges is way better than the knight's ultimate, which is similar to a single flask charge, and the mount movement speed isn't even connected in any way to the class itself.

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    Hi vincentavo,

    Thanks for your feedback.

    The subclasses as you have said were meant so other classes could mix and match the abilities to tailor to each situation where its use would be helpful. I agree with you in my own personal opinion in that I too favour the knights subclass more than others. More flasks to use is also a bonus for damage and stuff.

    A class cant use its own subclass, as it's name implies, your class is the main, you are using a sub ability of another.

    How do you feel about the other subclasses, do you feel strongly that only specific ones are being used? Do you feel any could use a rework potentially down the line? Bear in mind they cant all give amazing overpowered superpowerful abilities.

    Grateful for any further feedback from you

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    Except Knight, Lunar Lancer and Pirate Captain subclass, there are only some Subclass worth using...

    1) Gunslinger, because it is a Starter Class and easy to unlock. The Jump bonus is essential at early dungeon-ing.

    2) Tomb Raiser. Not because of the minion dmg scaled to Magic instead. But because of the Critical Hit Chance to fill up the 99.32% Critical Hit Chance for some class, such as Neon Ninja, which is a farming class. This will allow NN to use Magic Find Weapon and Ring, which gives far more Magic Find (compared to PC's 70 MF) without sacrificing the coefficient by relocating gem's boost. 99.32% vs 100% CH can be hard to say in long terms farming...
    PS: Most NN users run Rapt Berserker.

    3) Chloromancer is for any potential Candy Barbarian class gem pull in upcoming Delves (PTS). However most charged attacks from mob takes out truck lots of HP, so such stat isn't useful all the time.

    4) Boomeranger's Fae Companion heal when not running Death-Defying Vial. Niche users out there, has 30 seconds cooldown. However it is used to counter lag for not being able to drink flask on time instead xD.

    5) Revenant life recovering effect. Most used Prefect Penguin/Rapt Berserker effects, Prowling Shadow, or Vampirian Vanquisher to heal instead. However there are some newer players used this as a mean to recover health. Not the best practice but still being used.

    The other subclass and their abilities is basically just below decent.
    Knight is a universal subclass but the Knight himself only can spam non-class gem dashing for travel 0 0

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