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Thread: Scaffolding blocks can be removed from not allowed players

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    Scaffolding blocks can be removed from not allowed players

    If someone place a scaffolding block aside another scaffolding block on my cornerstone they can press E and remove the entire platform that i've build with it... it's very frustating...

    On the image, the block inside the blue square are in the corner of my cornerstone and can only be triggered by me (the owner), but if someone come and place another scaffolding block on it (out of my cornerstone, red square) he can trigger the block and destroy the blocks that i've placed.

    I've tested it with my gf, anyone can place a block out of my cornerstone (of course) and no matter who places it, it'll trigger the blocks inside my cornerstone too (if they are connected).

    My in-game nickname: xTiriricax (if that matters).

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    Hello CICROPE, Thank you for your feedback!
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