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Thread: Disappearing gem

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    Disappearing gem

    Hi trove team,
    Today I grinded gems as you know it is the gem day so I can replace my current ones. I have been grinding 3 hours for this and when I replaced 2 of the fire gems, one of them went in and the other disappeared, it was a stellar lvl 20 with crit hit and dmg and physical dmg

    I hope you fix this glitch
    My ign is: Yousif69011 (PS4)

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    First how many gems did you have to begin with that are in the socket?
    1 or 2?
    If 1, then one gets seated and then the other one would then be replaced.
    If 2, the first one you replaced got override unless you used a regemenator.
    If 2 and you socket the first one and wanted to replace the 2nd one and you didn't move to the one you want to replace it was override with it.

    It's not so much a bug but poor design.

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