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Thread: The Shield Barrier 4/13

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    The Shield Barrier 4/13

    The Shield Barrier now has a 30s cooldown, and will only block up to 10 hits.
    this is a large nerf to players in geode caves, players would use this tool because in tier's 3 and up there's too many plants to obstruct with platforms to mine ore, that means there's too many aoe hits that tick coming in making this tool just as useless as platforms in higher tiers.

    and I suspect you wouldn't want to leave teir's 3 and up impassable until [you buy from the market] the last level of path painter (making you invisible to plants mentioned earlier).

    side note, the egg leaderboard largely uses this tool to bathe in lava so they have energy in t5 to scout for eggs, you'll be effectively stopping egg scouting to a crawl forcing players to stop and wait for plants to AoE hit them.. every 30s intervals (over the span of 27ish minutes while in the caves)

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    I agree, shield barriers can not only allow the player to mine ore effectively but also grants the player that much more survivability while fighting in delves giving players that don’t typically mine stuff in geode caves a reason to actually mine and try to upgrade one of their modules; the barrier. For that reason I believe that not only should the shield barrier be set back to normal but other modules that are useful for things other than mining and gathering should be added to the game. Then players would be encouraged to mine geode resources and upgrade their modules.

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    This change is pretty frustrating. Spending the time to max a given geode module and collecting the corresponding allies that affect it, we should be able to enjoy the fruits of our labor. I can understand a slight nerf w/ a cooldown of ~10 sec. The effective up-time of the module should never be nerfed this hard.

    If you are going to allow geode modules to be used in delves then let us use them and give them functional use in the delves. Otherwise just scrap the entire thing and make the vacum-a-matic an item that we craft and use. Upgrading the item itself until it is of similar strength as the current vacum module.

    Because lets be honest, you aren't going to have time with the new time constraints to stop and mine, you aren't going to spend time switching to drop a module to seek more crystals.

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    PTS Patch Notes - 4/16/2020
    • The Barrier Generator has returned to 0 cooldown, though it has been updated to prevent Energy Damage rather than Health Damage

    ... Inside Delves-Only? please?

    The Barrier had prevented GAS (hp) sapping from plant bombs, aoe, and lava, but currently it does not, so it's sort of worse than the 30s cooldown limited to 10 hits for geode caves since it doesn't prevent any hits now.

    In practice swapping between discovery suit and adventure modes the players HP jumps all over the place (like changing classes who have different health pools), using barrier to prevent dmg in delves was worth the janky hp interaction, now not so much (inside delves, to prevent energy degen..)

    perhaps 100% dmg reduction in caves, 25%% in delves? (hp/gas?)

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    So first they nerf the shield barrier and then when people ask for it to be returned to normal they make it even worse...

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    PTS Patch Notes - 4/22/2020
    Additional Updates
    Barrier Generator has been reverted to its original state, but now has different behavior in Delves. When in Delves it:
    • lasts 60+ seconds (scales as it is upgraded)
    • reduces incoming damage by 15-35%
    • synergizes with a level 6+ Vaca-matic if it is also equipped, allowing the shield to occasionally pull in enemies when struck with it active.

    I think the +MS buffs were traded for -%incoming dmg, when inside delves. I don't yet have opinions on its new behavior in practice within delves, swapping between adventure/discovery still messes with your potential max hp, if you're below half hp while switching I suspect it's accurate.

    I ran through geode caves and it does work as it does currently on Live, so no penalties for standing in plant AoEs or Lava while barrier was active.

    update, pt2
    • Swapping between Discovery and Adventure mode in Delves should no longer reset health.
    appears to be addressed

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