We are a old Club that once had over 200 members and multiple worlds.. The club based around helping each other improve their level, power rank and skills. We are open to all, new and old players. We have decided to return and seek active members/ architects to having help with our worlds to help us improve the club. We are dedicated to our members to help see them grow as we do. If.you're looking more more then "Just a Club" then we welcome you to join our family. We are might not be a "big club" but we are a dediced community to help each other out and help each other becoming better.

Trove isn't the only game ICNA can be found. We have been around for long time spreading out on multiple platforms and games. That all started by a group of best friends of over 15 years.

Xbox Club: we can be found in the club section of Xbox, go to Community > Clubs on Xbox > search Trove ICNA

If you like to join our club or help us grow by becoming a Architect msg Isfar in-game or on Xbox