Additional Updates
  • Fixed a bug with the stat-generation for crystal 4 gear. This fix will only impact newly dropped Crystal 4 items.
  • New art has been added for the Cursed Skulls, Delve Shadowkeys, Delve Shadowkey Fragments, and for the Delve Shadowkey Forge
  • "Trovian" adventures for Delves can now be obtained (in the hub as well as rarely within Delves themselves)
  • Banners which grant more than 100 light can be now be crafted at the Delve Workbench using materials found within Delves
  • "Pressure-Locked Delve Caches" can now be purchased for Inert Geodes from a Geodian merchant who occasionally shows up after defeating a Delve boss - open them to find exciting new Delve-related goodies!
  • Mementos now decay after 3 hours of online time if you have not learned them. However, you can also deconstruct them for 1 or more Pressure-Locked Caches