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Thread: Made yalls top 2 most expensive packs for free

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    Angry Made yalls top 2 most expensive packs for free

    Ok so I've played this game for 2 years, yall have yet to fix lag and crash errors, then proceed to make yalls top 2 packs for free for 15 minutes. In all, you should fix something out of the three instead of being lazy dev's. It's sad that half the games on console that are quadruple in size dont have a bit of lag. Its extremely annoying . I have been wanting both these stupid packs for 2 years. But it's about 150 dollars combined yall are insane. To be fair u should make both of them free bc its honeslty a waste of time to sit here and grind for hours on a game that I have to pay to win. Some people have made there power rank in an insane amount of time vs now I can get to 10k in a second. That should not be viable. Your game is going down the more you devs dont fix it. Much love I've enjoyed the game but it really need help.

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    dang i wish i would have been playing when they were free XD

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