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Thread: Inventory bug

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    Angry Inventory bug

    My name is Noobslice2255 on Xbox i have been playing trove since 2017 and grinded trove for a long time and i had a ganda, 100 fire gem boxes, a lvl 25 arcane cosmic gem and 100+ eclipse keys in my chest and i recently used my credits to buy the last backpack slot i needed and put all that stuff and more into the new 3rd backpack i got and i leave trove and get back on and i do not have the backpack or anything that was in it anymore i do not know how to get it back or if i can and i didn't get the credits i spent on the backpack i would really appreciate if at all i could get my backpack slot back

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    Hello there,
    Please try contacting the support team, they should be able to look into your specific case and provide you with a solution.
    Support page -> https://support.gamigo.com/hc/en-us/...00198383-Trove

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