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Thread: Hotfix? @Mobi

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    Hotfix? @Mobi

    So is that hotfix to fix something that was not intended but as people took advantage of it will not have issues right?

    I already know what it is so you can say it if it's getting patched.

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    Wink yes

    If they try to roll back servers there will be trouble
    Video @https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JejkByFkwhs

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    Free stuff for those that log on before they can fix an issue. This is how it has always been. These people get to keep their free stuff. You snooze you lose...I lost this time.

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    Errors happen but how about us that bought the 100 packs with real cash get a 100 value in credits sent our way as our purchase lost its value.
    Where's our remedy to lost value.

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