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Thread: I can't get flux from the sold items in the market.

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    I can't get flux from the sold items in the market.

    Since I have tried to reach out for the support to solve my problems I am posting the bad customer sopport within the forum, since it was not willing to solve it.

    What I posted to the support:

    "Hey guys,
    I have some items stuck in my market window. I want to receive the flux and clear the window so I can spend the flux again. Thanks for the help"
    ...Also posted a screenshot... oh my I can't even upload the image here in the forum (tried three times!)

    After waiting for about a day I asked:

    "Guys. Please fix the market issue!"

    Finally... an hour later:

    Thank you for contacting us.
    We appreciate your diligence in reporting these issues and have forwarded your concerns over to our development team.

    You will not hear back directly regarding this, as our development team weighs in on many different issues and cannot reply to each one individually.

    We suggest keeping an eye on our forums, by following the link below:
    You can also post any future bugs and/or suggestions on these forums as the Trove development team frequently reads and responds to them.
    Kind Regards,
    deleted the supporters name but if the support reads and reaches out to me I can tell them who it was.

    ...to which I replied:
    Guys, I still can't get the flux frm the marketplace. Is there nobody responsible at this customer service?
    Best regards!

    After there was still no answer I thought I had to be more clear:

    To be clear. Only my account has that problem. I have asked other people within the game. I need to get MY flux for MY account. Other people don't have that issue. Please solve my issue, since I won't be willing to pay anything, if you don't help solve my issues within at least two days I will uninstall the game again.

    Does anyone know what to do? I am very angry that a game is working so bad after so many active years.

    Best regards

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    Hi Lance_Rocks

    Support have a lot of ticket to check and resolve and because that was only two days don't be surprised that they didn't resolve your problem yet, just wait.
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