Hello all,

As we are very excited to host an epic charity event across gamigo and helping rebuild forests through the Eden Reforestation Projects, we believe there has been some confusion regarding the new Garden, Grove, and Forest packs available. On our blog announcement, we have stated that "these packages will only be available on our PC version" but it may have not been clear for all our players. Due to some limitations, these specific packs are available on PC, and will not be available for console players after April 3.

With that said, we will honor purchases of one or more of the Garden, Grove, Forest packs for console platforms (PS4/Xbox One) until April 3 at noon (11:59am PST). If you made a related purchase like this, please submit support ticket with a proof of the purchase, character name, console platform, and region (NA or EU) to get it taken care of in a timely manner.

Again, we want to make it understood that the Garden, Grove, and Forest packs will only be available for PC after April 3, but if you bought it with the intent for a console platform our support team will try to assist you in getting the appropriate items.

Blog: https://www.trionworlds.com/trove/en...-plant-a-tree/
Support: https://support.gamigo.com/
New Packs: http://charity.gamigo.com/en/packages.html?game=trove