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Thread: Store Glitch?

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    Question Store Glitch?

    I purchased one of the limited-time credit packs in the shop. The 49.99$ pack. which should include 10,200 credits + extra credits. I bought the pack. I received the 10,200 but I didn't receive the extra that I was supposed to. Any Suggestions?

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    Hello Ztrexx,
    The extra 20% has already been included in that "10,200" figure.
    As the description of the pack states:
    -7,500 credits is what the original Pack contains.
    -Then there is an added bonus of 1,000 credits taking the total to 8,500 credits.
    -And the final 1,700 credits come from the 20% bonus for first time purchases taking the total to 10,200 credits.
    Hopes this clears up any problems you have.

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