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    PTS Patch Notes - 4/1/2020 - 4/8/2020

    Additional Updates
    • Fixed an issue that was causing minions to deal no damage in some Delves.
    • Mastery after 500 now gives 1 Magic Find and 1 Power Rank per level.
    • The soul rewards that can be earned in delves have been tripled to match the old rewards for shadow day with patron active. 5 Despoiled Divinity can now be earned per week, up from 3.
    • The messaging for losing magic find is now better if you lose exactly 1 magic find.

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    PTS Patch Notes - 4/1/2020 Part 2

    Additional Updates
    • Weird Fisheye can now be fished from the Shadow Tower Lobby.
    • Fixed an issue that could cause sound to cut out when too many audio events were happening.
    • Increased the drop rate for gear from enemies in the delve paths.

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    PTS Patch Notes - 4/2/2020

    Additional Updates
    • Delve Private Matchmakers will now use the queuing players' current class when determining initial depth, rather than their most powerful class (similar to how public delves work). You can still switch classes in private delves.
    • Players are now offered a chance to teleport to a delve lair once all of the path objectives have been completed and someone is close to the lair rather than waiting until the boss has actually been summoned.

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    PTS Patch Notes - 4/2/2020 Part 2

    Additional Updates
    • Binding Darkness drop chance in Delves has been increased, and a slight chance for it to drop from any creature in Delves has also been added.
    • Shadow Caches can now drop from Shadowy Soul Vault.
    • Antumbral deltalith added: Over time you'll notice that some rooms in Uber-8 or higher delves will contain monsters with less darkness defense.
    • The Heavy Pressurized Chest now drops a minimum of 3 items (and up to 5 at deeper depths); the Pressurized Chest can now drop up to 3 items at deeper depths.
    • A reset button has been added to ST boss rooms to allow players to fight the boss again. Fighting the boss for a second time will not provide rewards but will increase metrics.
    • Fixed an issue in Delves that may have been causing early bosses to be more difficult than intended and later bosses to be easier than intended.
    • The Inert Geode cost to upgrade the Vaca-Matic has been significantly increased

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    PTS Patch Notes - 4/6/2020

    Additional Updates
    • Chaos Factor rewards are now tied to completing dungeons per day. Each dungeon completion will grant 1 Chaos Chest up to the amount of Chaos Factor. Patrons will gain 2 Chaos Chests for each dungeon completed.
    • Mastery now gives 1 Chaos Factor at rank 500 and at every 50 levels above that.
    • Fixed a server crash that could occur when approaching a delve lair.
    • The delves banner can no longer be loot collected.
    • The "Gladiator" Delve Mutator now increases the size of the NPCs.
    • Added descriptions to some Delve Boss Deltaliths.
    • Resetting Shadow Towers now counts towards Badge progress.

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    PTS Patch Notes - 4//6/2020 Part 2

    Additional Updates
    • Added the Amperium biome to the available delve biomes.
    • Adjusted the difficulty of some bosses.

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    PTS Patch Notes - 4/8/2020

    Additional Updates
    • Flasks & resurrection release timer are restored if a delve lair boss resets. Dead players at the time of boss resets are automatically resurrected.
    • Changed some of the decorations in the Amperium biome.

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