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Thread: Please add bulk purchase to gem booster boxes with cubits!

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    Please add bulk purchase to gem booster boxes with cubits!

    I opened a ticket today, as I cleared out my entire wallet of credits by accidentally purchasing 11 boxes of gem boxes sometime after purchasing 200+ gem booster boxes one at a time. The monotony of purchasing one at a time, having a confirmation of each led to a fatigue where I no longer held any attentiveness in whether or not I was in fact purchasing the correct item.

    Ultimately, this is my fault and whether or not its resolved in my favor is moot. The point of my post isn't really to pressure the staff to assist in my mistake but to request a change to be made to the storefront so that Gem Booster boxes can be purchased in bulk of 10 for 5000 cubits. Just like the re-gemerators.

    This QoL change would be greatly appreciated. As once delves is released I'm sure others will be purchasing large amounts of Gem Booster Boxes for Binding darkness for stat rerolls. Being able to grab 10 at a time would help retain our sanity.

    Moderators --- If this needs to be posted in another thread please feel free to move to the appropriate location. I thought about putting in PTS section but decided best to place in General PC thread.

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    I 100% agree with your suggestion, it's been suggested many times in the past, it would be great to have a 10x or 11x function.

    I'll certainly pass the feedback on and maybe one day that dream could be a reality aha

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    I guess this is their trick to make you spend Credits... But it's just feel stupid... ...
    There is a mod called "Better Invitation" by ExoDave to remove confirmation screen, however buying hundred is still a pain, and you neither can buy those in PTS to get a Ninth Life to level up a gem from lv23 to 25, nor buying the Ninth Life itself.
    I have no trouble with Binding Darkness because I farmed ST frequently, but my stock won't go beyond 150 because I still need them. So I also agree to add the option for end-game cubits spending, Gem Booster Box, for the sake of Ninth Life and Binding Darkness.

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