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Thread: 8 Year Professional Minecraft Architect/Artist (Wanting to apply for Trove)

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    8 Year Professional Minecraft Architect/Artist (Wanting to apply for Trove)

    Hello nerds and nerdettes <3 I have been building in Minecraft for a total of 8 years now, and I don't regret a single day of it! I go by the lovely name of "Bloxen" since 2012 ^-^

    I seek to inspire those who seek inspiration. Many friends have been made, and countless memories have been accumulated in this long journey of mine. If I could go back and change anything I've ever done inside this game, it would be to place just one more block..

    So much to build, such little time. This game has been an outlet for me that has served as being theraputic for my anxieties and loner type personality that inevitably keeps me inside of my room for days on end. I hope you find some enjoyment with my creations, I know I sure do

    For the past year, me and my staff team of developers have been working tirelessly to release "Soraxus Network" to the public. I honestly cannot wait for that day to come! You will all get to witness the most awesome sauce Minecraft experience ever! (I am currently the original founder/CEO/Head builder for Soraxus Network Inc).

    I'm making this post reaching out to the Trove community and staff team to see if there's anyway possible I could get a career started with you guys as a builder/level designer. If anyone here that see's this post that knows how to direct me to the proper place to apply (if there is any), or to show this to someone within the Trove staff, please show them this post.

    Here is my ENTIRE portfolio for my Minecraft creations. These are all done solo. Enjoy! <3


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    Hiya there Bloxen, Just took a look at your portfolio and those are some amazing builds! I cant imagine the time and effort that was put into making those. Good work
    GT: WillowFiower | IGN: WillowFlower | Discord: Willow#7095 | https://support.gamigo.com/hc/en-us

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