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Thread: New Character Idea by Chign Town and Jagraham74

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    New Character Idea by Chign Town and Jagraham74

    New Character Idea:

    Me and a buddy were thinking about classes in Trove and thought of a Reaper type character. Now, this my seem like a copy paste of the Tomb Raiser, requires a completely different mindset.
    The passive: whenever you or an ally kills an enemy or a corrupted dies, a soul drops, which gives you health and buffs attack speed.
    Ability 1, corruption: you inject an enemy combatant with fear to corrupt them and fight for you for ten seconds.(note: you can hurt corrupt enemies and get souls and they only last for 5 seconds)
    Ability 2, soul pass: Give an ally a soul, they won’t heal but will give attack speed and have their abilities cool down lowered.
    Ability 3, soul scythe: Your souls combine into one large scythe with half of your attack speed but double your max crit damage and up crit chance by half of what you have currently have(so if you had 50.0, you would have 75.0).
    Class Gem: 5 corrupt at once(originality 3) and they last for 20 seconds with a 1.5 damage multiplier.

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    Love the creativity! Thank you for sharing
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