Give 3 chaos coins to all or do a roll back. Chaos coins will help newer players obtain the chaos cores as a daily log in reward versus being super time gated off the rip. If the devs really cared about the newer players they would have left the coins up for all to obtain regardless of their mastery or log in time. It is confusing for someone to read the "great" new changes in PTS right now for newer players, ( even though they screw over long term players,) and still see the devs make it hard for new term players with this change. It isn't fair for anyone who missed the 3 chaos coins valued at $3,000.... even though it gives stuff like 600 flux, chaos cores, some materials, etc (daily). Give everyone the same reward, is it really that hard to understand? Also besides cores being time gated, how about we talk about bound brilliance, why is that still a thing. So many people need bound brilliance, mostly people that grind the game so why is this resource still time gated? Who thinks its hard to make 21,(26 if you have the bound brilliance tome,) gem augments from dust or dragonite a week? It isn't hard so why does it have to punish people that want to play the game a lot or even p2w?