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Thread: stuck as:login AGAIN

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    stuck as:login AGAIN

    hi there have you noticed authentication server isn't allowing anyone into the game?

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    Hi. Yes we noticed
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    Hi there,

    Yes our CM has been informed and the team are aware and looking into this.

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    yes,cant login

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    same. happened when I tried transitioning to the geode hub from moonglow grotto. why do the portals and portaling back to the hub take forever to activate?

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    same issue here. Got in for 10 minutes then the issue reared its ugly head again

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    surprisingly when I left geode the issue disappeared completely

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    AS login

    i can not login after serverdown was in shadowtowers befor with friend he also can not log in

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    how long till its fixed

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    i have been stuck on as login since yesterday and geting kinda bored of my other games now so hope its fixed soon

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