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Thread: Problems and suggestion for mastery-damage cap

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    I don't see the point in this tbh, they are trying to make end game achievable and you wanna create another gap

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    Quote Originally Posted by Waterin View Post
    I don't see the point in this tbh, they are trying to make end game achievable and you wanna create another gap
    The point of this is that the damage difference between someone at 500 mastery and someone who is ranked really high on the leader-boards won't be that big (as it is atm).
    This way, 500 mastery can still be considered 'end game' and those who want to push forwards can still get rewarded with a slight increase in damage that could be useful in places such as speed-running. This would be like the "end end game content" I guess

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    Quote Originally Posted by jhheight View Post
    Actually, we need to see the differences in coefficient to be able to understand what difference 10% and 15% bonuses would have. Maximum coefficient for a GS after this update is about 9.087 million. The +10% dmg boost, which would make up +145% md bonus in total, sets GS's coefficient to 9.474 million, and with +15% dmg boost its 9.667 million. Difference in both of those is a bit higher than 2 percent. No matter the stats (base md, cd and ch), it's always going to be a 2.04% difference in damage between +10% dmg bonus and +15% dmg bonus.
    My bad, I didn't think that through and you have a point it would be less than 5%.
    From my understanding, the current increase for every mastery rank only increases the base magical/physical damage stats and not the critical damage stats, so i guess that's what this "5% extra damage" would correspond to.
    So if someone was to have 100% critical hit, their coefficient would increase by a constant of 0.05*(base dmg)*(CD+1)

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    For me, I think mastery 200 is too low. It should be mastery 500; which is half the mastery cap. Mastery 500 will also make the player feel like they accomplished something. I created an alt account and it took me only 2 months to reach mastery 200. It would be too easy for beginner players, and I think us players should feel challenged. In my opinion mastery 500 is what it should be because it takes a while to get that kind of mastery. Considering the fact that you require more points each level when you reach mastery 300.

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    Quote Originally Posted by beastygunner3517 View Post
    For me, I think mastery 200 is too low. It should be mastery 500; which is half the mastery cap. [...]
    They've actually already made that exact change.

    • Mastery reoccurring reward cap has been increased to 500. The stat amounts given have been reduced per level to reflect the new cap. The same total amounts of stats are available. Further changes may be coming. We look forward to more constructive feedback about these changes.

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    Look at it this way; if you wanna get stats, you can do that. if you wanna get mastery, you can do that too, but now you don't have to max out one to max out the other and you have more freedom to choose which one you wanna go for directly instead of being forced to work on both. I think its good to put more rewards post 500 infact i really wanna see more people suggest cool things to put there, but they should under absolutely no circumstances provide you with a benefit in combat, no matter how minor.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Fasti View Post
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    Nothing else would be as motivating as damage. End game has been decaying for ages, if this update was to go through, it would decay at a much faster rate. There needs to be a late end game content to motivate players to keep playing after reaching "end game" which would be at 500 mastery. Speed running must remain and a bonus of damage must be rewarded to those who have earned it or else there would be nothing to aim for once players reach 500 mastery (for the majority of players that is).
    With this update, the game will eventually get to a state where people will join the game, get to mastery 500, stop the mastery grind (as they would find the grind to get to max mastery an overkill for no reward) and shortly after, will quit (ofcourse this won't apply to all players, but it will for the vast majority). This cycle will continue and is very much unhealthy for the game.

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