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Thread: Time to remove shadow tower.

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    Differences of Delves and STs:
    - Delves are far more monotonous due to basically being one long strip with some turns, annoying raises and falls and a very limited selection of enemies
    - STs always have the Titan Boss that you entered for, unlike the Delves which just throw random bosses at you
    - STs don't require you to a minimum of light per stage, meaning everyone can pick them up provided they have the Power Rank to enter them
    - STs don't contain honey that slows you down almost to a halt for an eternity and even if it did, it wouldn't have much of an impact, because you don't have to rush the ST
    - The only timed part of STs is the Titan Boss
    - You actually get decent loot from STs
    - You can fish in STs (there are special fish available in STs as well)
    - You don't have to craft special keys that are consumed when used to open private ST runs
    - Delves are labyrinths

    Now to the bots, comparing the impact on the economy as a whole is pretty pointless, they all affect(ed) their own part of the economy. Of course the BR, PvP and fishing bots have little impact, they manipulate the prices of the items that they generate.
    Why am I (seemingly) ignoring that the ST bots have a much higher impact? Simple, I don't need any of the tradeable things that they generate. The inflation would occur even without them, the prices of the materials which they bring to the market never struck me as unfair, especially as farming them yourself isn't hard either.

    You might not believe it, but the economy cannot be fixed, there are far too many untradeable items, making them tradeable now will only damage the market further and introducing more untradeable items doesn't do the economy as a whole any favors either.

    Again, the latency problems caused by the STs can easily be tamed down, put all arenas of the same boss tower into the same world and either have different variants of the boss tower to keep it fresh every week or have all arenas in the same world and randomize which arenas are going to appear, also don't keep the worlds open for too long.

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    Which of those differences not balance think? Have you seen first versions of geode topside or other huge updates?
    St bots generating pure flux, this flux going to market after rmt, so st bots have effect on ALL economy. Thing what you dont need flux doesnt mean what they have no effect.
    Give me at least one argument whats wrong with current economy? Last big update was almost entirely about tradable items.
    How putting all arenas in same world will fix problem with:
    a) Opening and farming only first st room
    b) Using soft to go throw walls
    Only way to fix it in current st it's removing floors before boss. Considering useless st bosses better will be just remove all st mechanic.

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    I do believe the point has been missed. The moving of rewards to the delves is an attempt to reduce the stress and lag of the servers, not stop botters. For every st that is opened (not just entered) 4 worlds are generated and that puts a giant strain on the servers.

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    To Varlli: There are solutions to that problem, them moving the rewards to the delves is pretty much just a way to make sure that people actually do the delves, even if they don't enjoy the delves.

    To Brendy: To me there literally is no good in the Delves at all and even if it had positives for me, it wouldn't even get close to be balanced out, I highly doubt they will find a way to improve the delves enough to make them enjoyable.

    Putting all arenas of a Shadow Tower world isn't going to do anything about people only farming first rooms, nothing would fix that and guess what, they could just do the same with other worlds. If there are people noclipping that is something that has to be dealt with via anti-cheat programs and by fixing the loopholes/bugs/whatever they abuse to do it. The latency problem can be fixed this way, but as it has become the default in this game, why improve existing content when you can introduce new, even worse content.

    Getting rid of the STs to get rid of botters won't improve anything, there has been too much flux in the economy for a long time and that was inevitable, as flux is basically generated out of thin air. Other problems with the current economy include extreme inconsistencies about what can and what cannot be traded (adventurine based items being one of the worst offenders), a distinct lack of proper flux and material sinks, the lack of tradeable store items, the majority of items needed for progression being untradeable and the amount of people that have growing stockpiles of said items because they don't need them anymore (or cannot spend them as fast as they gain them) and pretty much everything that got introduced with the geode caves.

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